Did you know we have a dust control plan built into each and every one of our remodeling projects?

That’s because your home and your family are our highest priority.  We want you to be safe, comfortable and excited about your renovation project!

Remodeling is hard when you do it by yourself. Talmadge Construction’s design-build process combined with highest quality customer service make remodeling easy:

  • We stay on budget by coaching you throughout the design process.  We help you make choices that fit your style and budget. During our thorough investigation of the existing conditions of your home, we look for issues so you’re never “surprised” later during your project. We let you know about these items before the contract is signed.
  • We stay on time during the construction process by creating a schedule tailored for your project.  We write purchase orders for the trade contractors so they know just when they are expected…even if it is six months from now!
  • Your home and yard stay neat and organized throughout the job.  We have a dust control plan written for each project. We will never leave a pile of trash in your yard.  The materials are stored neatly to protect them and to help prevent accidents.

If you know someone who is thinking about remodeling, but is having trouble getting started, please have them call us for a free in-home consultation at 831-689-9133. Or if you don’t know of anyone personally, we’d love if you leave feedback for us on Yelp or on the Santa Cruz Construction Guild. Your referrals and repeat business are so important for us; it’s where much of our work comes from. We deeply value your confidence in us and know how much potential clients take your feedback as part of their decision process.

Thank you for your confidence in Talmadge Construction!


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