People often wonder how much a certain remodeling project will cost, and the truth is that there is no “price per square foot” standard. Too many variables exist in any remodel – not just what brand of appliance or quality tile you choose. Other considerations such as

  • Site access. Is parking available for contractors? Is the remodel on the first or second floor? How will materials be transported?
  • Demolition. Do lead and asbestos precautions need to be taken? What is the level of protection from dust and dirt for the rest of the house? How much separation will the living space require?
  • Crew. Will there be a dedicated site supervisor, or will the job be run from an office? Are the workers all qualified and insured? How will the different trade contractors communicate and exchange necessary information?
  • Utilities. Will it be necessary to upgrade or add water, gas, or electric in the course of the job?
  • What is the quality of the finished product?
  • What is the level of service once the job is complete? Will your contractor respond if you have problems once you are all finished?

Talmadge Construction’s Design/Build process allows for time to research the actual cost of your remodel.

  • We make sure your design and your budget are in sync with each other.
  • We save you money by eliminating fees to re-design if the original design is over budget.
  • We save you time by handling all aspects of the project from initial conception through the permit process and on to final details of the construction itself.
  • We consult with contractors and material suppliers in advance, using their input and advice in the design process.

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