Santa Cruz County homeowners know Talmadge Construction as a contractor they can trust for exceptional remodeling experiences – but not everyone is aware of the firm’s commitment to community service, local charities, and doing good work for our community’s kids and their families. 

“Business integrity and social responsibility are connected,” insists Jeff Talmadge, President. “You can’t have one without the other, which is why we support many non-profit efforts that help children of our community who are in need of help, like Starlight Elementary.” 

Garden Clearing BeginsConstruction has already begun on the “Emeril Lagasse Culinary Garden and Teaching Kitchen” located at the Starlight Elementary School that will include an industrial-level kitchen and a large garden. School officials hope to use the project to teach students how to grow, prepare and cook their own food.  “Having these basic skills really gives young people a boost of confidence as they start to venture out on their own”, says Jeff.

Their mission is to integrate gardening and cooking concepts in school curriculums, and offer an engaging experience that connects kids to the world of food and nurtures skills that benefit them not only in the kitchen but also throughout life through a fun, fresh perspective on food.

“Adele and Jeff, please know how grateful we are that you are among those who have stepped up to invest in our children’s futures,” smiles Nancy Sherrod, former Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates. “We have $632,450 already donated toward the $1 million community fundraising goal, and your heartfelt contributions inspire others to join.” 

Ground is being broken on the project site. Starlight children, families, and staff are thrilled and look forward to the new facilities, with support graciously donated by the Talmadge team. “I love to see people smiling and happy,” grins Jeff. “I believe this project will make a lot of young people happy and self-assured, and better prepared for life.”

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