Talmadge volunteers are true heroes of affordable housing

 Aptos, CA, June 14, 2022 – Several Talmadge Construction team members took time off from their normal remodeling jobs to donate their services back to the local community through Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay.

During the first week in June, three members of the Talmadge crew—production manager John Anderson, project manager/tile expert Jeremiah Trask, and carpenter Connor Whiting—constructed kitchen cabinets in two units, created attic access in two units, and laid tile, for a total of 40 hours of labor donated. They made incredible headway at the Rodeo Creek Court development site in the Live Oak neighborhood of Santa Cruz to help several local residents acquire safe and affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity
View a short video clip from Luke, a Rodeo Creek Court homeowner

“I can’t express our thanks and gratitude for what your team accomplished in a few days. We appreciate your pitching in and helping us with our project,” said Satish Rishi, Chief Executive Officer at Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay. “John, Jeremiah, and Connor were a pleasure to work with and we were delighted to learn that Jeremiah is a master tiler too—a skill we have been missing for the past six months since our master tiler volunteer passed away. Thanks again, and we hope you team enjoyed working with us as much as we did with them. We hope to see you and your team members again.”

Habitat for Humanity
View a short video clip from Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay staff, Keaton Port Gaarn, Construction Foreman, and Dylan Childs, Project Manager

“Giving back to our local community is a big part of our company’s mission, and this is just one way we wholeheartedly stand behind our commitment to serving,” said Jeff Talmadge, President of Talmadge Construction. “We have an incredibly talented team who provided not just labor—their enthusiasm infused energy into the entire project. We were glad to provide the talents of our construction team to Habitat for Humanity for these few days and hope to be able to do so again in the not-so-distant future.

About Talmadge Construction

Founded in 1984, Talmadge Construction is a family-owned design-build remodeling firm committed to quality construction, innovative design, and nurturing the connection between home, life, and the pursuit of education to better its community. Talmadge Construction serves residential clients in Santa Cruz County, CA with award-winning residential renovation and construction services. Learn more at: https://www.talmadgeconstruction.com/.

About Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay

Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable homeownership opportunities to qualified families who live and work in the Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Homeowner families are chosen according to need, their ability to repay a zero or no-interest loan, and their willingness to work in partnership with Habitat. Habitat homeowners contribute 500 hours in sweat equity towards the construction of a Habitat home. Learn more at: https://www.habitatmontereybay.com.

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