Aptos, California, September 27, 2023 — Talmadge Construction, a family-owned design-build remodeling firm, is excited to announce this year’s recipients of scholarships, awarded to two deserving Cabrillo College students.

“Everyone who’s worked with Talmadge Construction knows we practice social responsibility by serving our community,” says Jeff Talmadge, President. “So we’re thrilled to support Cabrillo College each year by offering two $2,500 grants for exceptional students through Caroline’s.”

Established in 2020, the fund was set up by Christy Licker, owner of Caroline’s Non Profit Thrift Shop. “Naming the award after Jeff and Adele was an expression of thanks for their donation of countless expert volunteer hours for Caroline’s, our local schools and nonprofits,” says Christy.

Alma S. Leonor-Sanchez

Alma S. Leonor-Sanchez

The first winner is Alma S. Leonor-Sanchez, born and raised in Watsonville. A junior at Cabrillo College, Alma is eager to use her scholarship to enable a transfer to UC Santa Cruz, where she aspires to receive a BA in Environmental Studies that will help her local community.

“I’m currently an intern at MLPA Collective, an organization that works to uplift the community, and am a project manager at a farm where I work closely with high school interns,” says Alma. “I’m also a member of an Engineering & Science club, and can’t wait to apply my skills for social good!”

Andrew Morissey

Andrew Morissey

The second winner is Andrew Morissey, an Aptos native. Also a junior at Cabrillo College, Andrew is excited to use his scholarship to help him transfer to the Colorado School of Mines, which he considers one of the best schools in the country for his chosen expertise.

“While busy studying, I’ve worked for the school district and Department of Parks & Recreation, and now for the United Parcel Service,” says Andrew. “I’m passionate about helping my community through fundraising, and exploring the gorgeous Aptos region. Thank you for empowering me!”

Donations from Caroline’s have already exceeded $2 million, impacting the lives of thousands of residents throughout Santa Cruz County. Alma and Andrew are just the latest of many local college students helped by the Jeff and Adele Talmadge Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund.

“As second-generation Talmadge leadership,” beams Andrew Talmadge, current Sales and Design Manager and future company President, “I’m eager to continue my parents’ dedication and commitment to the Aptos community, and love how we help our local students thrive.”

“Thank you for giving students at Cabrillo College encouragement through the scholarship,” says Eileen Hill, Executive Director. “You are giving them the gift of education, which they will carry for the rest of their lives. You help their dreams come true, and we are truly grateful!”

Thank you!

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Founded in 1984, Talmadge Construction is a family-owned design-build remodeling firm committed to quality construction, innovative design, and nurturing the connection between home, life, and the pursuit of education to better its community.

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