Team Talmadge architect Danielle Grenier has extensive experience working with homeowners to choose and configure cabinets that complement both their lifestyles and design aesthetics. Recently, she helped some Depot Hill homeowners choose and configure new Crystal Cabinets in their kitchen and bathroom remodel. Here she shares some pointers for you:

What are some of the questions that homeowners should ask themselves when looking into new cabinetry?
What kind of quality do you want? You have many choices: box material and thickness, type of drawer box construction, drawer style and overlay, drawer guides, finish, and hardware. Each of those choices affects the overall quality.

You should also understand how customizable the cabinets are. Because of our experience, we offer the ability to accurately configure cabinets for your space and lifestyle. A DIY store may not have a certified Designer or licensed Architect available to help you.

It is true there is often lost space with factory cabinets?
Depends on the manufacturer… most manufactured cabinets come in 3″ increments so you have to compromise and add fillers where needed. But Crystal Cabinets allows you to customize and minimize a lot of wasted space! In the Depot Hill Bungalow remodel, I also combined cabinets to remove “redundant” face frames on side by side cabinets.

Are there considerations that are often missed?
Clearances are key!  Inside corners, dueling drawers, clearances to appliances when opening drawers are three examples. Appliance specs are also critical. Also think about material intersections, where the counter top hits the cabinet next to it, etc.

What are the advantages of factory-made cabinets?
The factory furniture finish is superb and far superior!  You will never get that with a local cabinet shop. In fact, the finish on Crystal Cabinets is guaranteed for life.

What are the disadvantages?
Lead time… can take up to 8 weeks for the cabinets to be fabricated and delivered.  Also, if a part comes incorrect, or there is a shortage of parts during installation… you have to wait for those as well.

Crystal Cabinets Country French Square style, flush inset

How does the pricing of a tailor-made Crystal cabinet job compare to a custom cabinet job? to Home Depot or Ikea?
We’ve found that the prices are similar to a local custom job when you factor in finish and installation. You cannot compare to a do-it-yourself Home Depot, because the design wouldn’t even be possible with those type of cabinets.

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