We recently started an exciting living room renovation in the Santa Cruz area. The project involves a unique space with intriguing curved walls and breathtaking outdoor views. Wanting to preserve these elements of the home, Lead Designer Erin Loftin took a creative approach, working with the homeowner to create this curved wall design. We asked Erin to tell us about the homeowner’s goals with this project and how our team has helped to renovate this living room to make this space better than ever.

Hey Erin, tell me about this in-progress living room renovation in the Santa Cruz area.

“The homeowner’s vision was to turn an unused wet bar into additional dining and gathering space where they could still enjoy the views of the backyard, but be separated from the entry.

“We created the look of an ‘opening’ by building a new curved half-height wall and a curved soffit that drops down from the ceiling. The idea was to make it look like a curved full-height wall had always been there, but we ‘cut in a window’ to enjoy the view.

“This is a unique project because of all of the existing curves throughout the home; we wanted to create a space that looked like it had been part of the original design all along. We found creative ways to layout the new wall so we wouldn’t have to patch the concrete floor in the entry, and we created openings in walls without having to relocate plumbing pipes that run vertically between the floors. This project posed quite a few challenges in a small amount of space.”

Check back soon for more photos of this completed project.

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