One of our crews has been working on an outdoor remodeling project at a gorgeous home and property in the Aptos area. We sent the client a quick email to check in, and she responded with some great feedback about our team. Read her response below:

One of my main concerns was that I needed someone to figure out the sequencing, timing, and organization of all the aspects I wanted done. I am very pleased with how Erin put many of the decisions into smaller chunks, so as not to overwhelm me. I appreciate John’s ongoing involvement in the timing and organization. I especially like having his chart with the start and end dates of each aspect of the job. Now that there have been some unavoidable changes to the dates, it makes it clear what else will have to be shifted, and what’s still to come.  

I definitely am pleased with how Jason is managing the project, and how he communicates and is flexible about what’s going on and what’s to come. He’s added some interesting features in the projects, like retaining the curve to the wall/planter, using a redwood post for the hose bib by the wall, and rebuilding the dog pen to look nicer and function better. A big plus is that I enjoy his sense of humor. I also appreciate that he gives advice based both on what he knows about construction and what he understands, and asks, about what I would like.  

Here’s a picture that I took when the planter/wall was finished, a few days before a eucalyptus fell and broke three of the stone caps.  Jason arranged for those caps to be replaced promptly, which I appreciated, and he waited to finish the soil grading until I could arrange for other dangerous trees to be removed. 

So, yes, I’m really happy with how the projects are going.

Jason & The Talmadge Team

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