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Erin Loftin

Just like any remodel, your kitchen should be a reflection of you, your family, and your lifestyle! Typically people remodel their kitchens every 15 to 30 years, so when you’re making changes, you want to ensure that they’re going to appeal to you and function just as well in the future as they will today. It’s worth investing the time to plan your remodel so that you make sure you get what you want. Here are a few tips and trends to keep in mind when planning your kitchen remodel.

Kitchens are the central ‘hub’ of the home; they are used for entertaining, casual dining, (and yes) cooking… as well as many other daily activities including paying bills, charging electronics, and even watching the morning news.

Since we spend more and more time in our kitchens, while we’re not cooking, kitchen islands are taking center stage. They’re getting larger so that they can multi-task as well as we do. Since we are rarely sitting down to formal dinners, they are also taking the place of our kitchen tables, and have become the standard for family dining.

Kitchen Islands
Picture1Multi-tasking aside, islands are a great excuse to add some personal style to your kitchen! You know that dark stain or lively paint color you were too scared to commit to for your entire kitchen? Well, it might make a great focal point at your island. If it’s going to act as your kitchen table, why not dress it up a bit and make it look more like furniture than built in cabinets? Your imagination is your only limitation here!

Storage Everywhere!
Picture2Who doesn’t want more storage in their kitchen? Use every inch of space you have to maximize your storage; tall pantry cabinets, heavy duty drawers that store your pots and pans, narrow spice pull out cabinets, lower cabinets with swing-up mixer shelves, corner cabinets that have shelves that swing our from the back to deliver those hard to reach items… everything can be accessible and at your fingertips!

Easy Access Cabinets
Picture3Eliminate getting down on your hands and knees to reach that large tray at the back of the cabinet! Aside from exciting cabinet accessories, the rest of your kitchen can be made just as accessible to you, your kids (or grandkids!) and/or aging parents. A kitchen designed with the principles of Universal Design will be easily accessed by all members of the family regardless of age or ability, throughout their life! Simple options like non-slip flooring, countertops at different levels, open shelves, appliances with advanced safety features, and base cabinets with retractable doors allow everyone to enjoy the space together.

Solid Surfaces
Picture4Cleaning kitchens certainly isn’t as fun as making messes in them! That’s why we want materials that work as hard as we do and don’t need to be replaced if we spill red wine. Engineered hardwood is an excellent flooring choice as its finish is more durable than a solid hardwood, and it doesn’t require re-finishing. Quartz, a man-made solid surface, is gaining popularity for its durability as well as its recycled content.

Picture5Quartzite has gained popularity since it’s a natural stone that looks more like marble, but has the density of granite. What about indestructible and maintenance free? Well, that would be Dekton or Neolith; both man-made ultra-high compact solid surfaces. They feel like porcelain tile, but are made in a factory that simulates the metamorphic changes that stone undergoes for thousands of years – in a mere few hours!

Picture6What would a functional kitchen be without new appliances? Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a newbie, convection microwave/oven combos and induction cooktops will give you Top Chef results in no time! Both induction and convection appliances cook food evenly and more efficiently in less time (as much as 30-40% faster) than your standard electric or gas ranges.

Convection microwave/ovens are steel on the inside and have a fan at the back of the unit, which circulates an even air flow and maintains an even heat distribution throughout the cooking process. Gone are the days of extra crispy outsides and undercooked insides! With eight different cooking options, you’re no longer limited to just broil and bake.

Induction cooktops conduct heat through magnetism, meaning every inch of your pot or pan heats at the same rate (again with the even cooking and heating!) – And the best part… this is a huge safety feature if you have children; no hot burners! Our hands aren’t magnetic so they won’t conduct heat the way our pots and pans do. Just don’t let them touch the pots or pans!

For even more tips and tricks to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted, call Talmadge Construction at 831-689-9133 and schedule your complimentary consultation with me today!

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