Hey Jeff Talmadge … what’s the latest and greatest in the world of decking?

“Our company builds and repairs many custom decks every year, especially waterproof decks over living spaces. A few years ago I was introduced to a new product that got me excited about solving the problems I was seeing with these types of decks.

The first time I was introduced to this product was at a building trade show in Las Vegas, and the functionality and beauty really got me thinking. After speaking with the company reps and learning more about the product and how it was produced, I knew it was something I would like to work with in the future.

The product is a floating deck tile by a company called Eco Deck by Eco Arbor Designs. Deck tiles are interlocking 24” x 24” wood and stone paver tiles used to go on exterior decks and patio spaces. They come in a variety of finishes and styles and really bring a unique sense of design and function to outside living spaces.

The product is cool because it really changes the way we look at designing waterproof decks over living spaces. In the past, a deck like this would have a roof coating installed followed by a mortar bed and tile. The surface of the deck would slope to drains in the tile. The deck would be uneven and out of level, and furniture would rock. Eventually the roof would develop a leak and the whole thing would have to get ripped off and replaced at great expense.

The new system sits on top of a roof membrane without being anchored or adhered. If there is a leak, I can just remove the tiles, fix the leak and reinstall the tiles. The roof below the tiles is sloped but the deck tiles are installed flat and level. Rainwater flows between the tiles on to the roof deck and flows to the drains! The deck is beautiful without slopes or visible drains; there is no grout to maintain. Patio furniture sits level.

The deck tiles are a floating system that does not need to anchor into the roof. They are easy to install. They have a lot of strength and integrity, and they are also beautiful. This gives home owners and businesses a great solution to building on top of a waterproof surface.

Deck design hasn’t changed a whole bunch from the standard offerings – redwood and composite materials like Trex or TimberTech. Now with these Eco Deck tiles, we can create extremely ornate and unique designs with relative ease.”

Eco Arbor Designs is a San Diego-based company that has been building their reputation and products for modular decking for 10 years. Eco Deck manufactures all of their products in the U.S. and backs the product with a lifetime warranty.

For more information on Eco Deck visit the Eco Arbor Designs website.

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