Candace and her family had become uncomfortable in their existing kitchen. Unappealing colors, failing appliances, and an inefficient design had contributed to the space feeling cramped and outdated.

Candace contacted Jeff Talmadge, and talked about her needs and vision for the space. After much consideration, she chose Talmadge Construction to design and build her kitchen.

Our designer incorporated a contemporary style with stainless steel appliances and simple light-colored surfaces. Shaker cabinets, sleek cabinet pulls, and natural stone slab countertops all help to simplify the look of the kitchen and reduce visual clutter.

After the remodel, we asked Candace three simple questions to get her take on the new space and her experience working with Talmadge Construction.

What made you decide to remodel that room?

“The old kitchen had many problems. The counter tile was chipped and hard to clean. The sink was falling out and was held in by putty. The colors were very outdated, and the entryways were too narrow. The cabinets were dark, making the small kitchen seem even more confined. Also, the oven was not working reliably and it was getting too old to repair.”

Now that the project is complete, how do you like your remodeled kitchen?

“We love the new kitchen and definitely think going through the remodel process was worth it. All surfaces are now easy to clean. With the light-colored cabinets, recessed ceiling, and wider entryways, it seems much more spacious. The new lighting both in the ceiling and under the cabinet has improved working in the kitchen, and the new appliances have many more capabilities.”

What was it like to work with the team at Talmadge Construction?

“It was a pleasure to work with the Talmadge team at all stages of the remodel. Every single person combined excellent technical and personal skills. We actually looked forward to seeing team members and missed them when the project was completed. Communication to us throughout the project was frequent, detailed and accurate. The designer did an outstanding job working within our constraints of keeping the original footprint and a small space. The quality of all the work in the new kitchen is outstanding.”

See more pictures of this remodel in our portfolio.

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