Linda and her family wanted to remodel their kitchen and home in a big way. They were looking to remove a wall between their kitchen and outdoor deck to reclaim the outdoor space for their kitchen. They also wanted to convert the top level of their home from a single bedroom and single bathroom into two separate bedrooms rooms and two separate bathrooms.

They chose to incorporate a contemporary look throughout the home, with bold blue cabinetry and open vaulted ceilings in the kitchen. Their new bathrooms also include contemporary details, like porcelain hardwood-grain tiles, natural stone countertops, and white shaker cabinetry.

After the remodel, we asked Linda three simple questions to get her take on the new space and her experience working with Talmadge Construction.

What made you decide to remodel that room?

“The old kitchen was small, very poorly laid out and outdated. The dining room was accessible from the kitchen via a skinny hallway, on the other side of an outdoor deck we never used. Our goal in remodeling was to enclose & reclaim the space the deck was taking up and combine kitchen and dining area into one open space.

“Upstairs, the master bedroom & bath was one huge room occupying almost the entire floor. The bathroom was part of the bedroom, with no doors whatsoever, and a bathtub in the middle of the room. We wanted to turn the one bedroom/bathroom into two bedrooms/two baths, to improve functionality and privacy of the space and be able to accommodate more guests.”

Now that the project is complete, how do you like your remodeled kitchen?

“We really love it. The overall quality and style of how the project turned out was beyond our expectations.”

What was it like to work with the team at Talmadge Construction?

“Working with the team at Talmadge was great in every respect. They produce outstanding quality work and they know how to manage a project. I appreciated the authentic communication and transparency throughout every phase: friendly, professional, easy-going and no nonsense. Their dedication & attention to detail was amazing and consistently went above and beyond. Thank you to everyone at Talmadge for our beautiful home.”

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