activityTalmadge Construction is excited to celebrate our 30th year in business by looking to the future . . .  we’ve rolled out our new UDA ConstructionOnline™ software system. Now we offer a Customer Cloud portal that gives each client private, fingertip access to every aspect of their project. Owner Jeff Talmadge discusses how this future of construction management blends with the Talmadge Construction vision:

Our mission statement says we combine ‘creative, thoughtful design and impeccable remodeling practices that delight our clients, enhance our community and support our employees’.  The UDA software will help us delight our clients when they can use it to access their own private website to see selections, additional work orders (they can sign off on line), options, schedules, meetings, photos, etc.

Jeff had been actively seeking a solution to his vision of integrating all the different systems in a project: sales, production, accounting, project management, client relations, and job costing. “I also wanted our clients to be able to view information about their project online. More and more people are using the Internet, and I didn’t want to leave my company stuck in the past. The challenge was to keep up with the times and to increase efficiency.” He found that ConstructionOnline could do all that and more: eliminating redundant activity and increasing efficiency. As he explains:

The software really helps support the employees. The Project Managers can go online and view the project status with regard to selections and pending additional work orders, they can update the schedule and an alert will go out to the affected trades to update them, they can view the job costs vs. estimated cost, and they can access the information from their own device anytime they want to from anywhere.

“The whole team is just one click away.”
Talmadge Construction clients can now login to their private Construction Online portal from any computer, tablet, or smartphone and connect to every aspect of their project:

  • blueprints, permits, and other project files
  • a calendar with detailed daily, weekly, and monthly schedule
  • messaging system
  • progress photos
  • change orders
  • selections you have made or need to make.

“The client portal starts in design and goes all the way to construction,” explains Sales Manager Casey Louis. “It’s more interactive now. The whole team is just one click away, so it’s easier to keep everyone in the loop.” The messaging system allows for almost immediate answers to questions that arise on a daily basis without having to call, leave a message, and wait for an answer. There’s no chance of an email being marked as spam or junk or just getting lost in an inbox. And the interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Keeping track of selections
From floor plans to flooring, there are innumerable choices to make on any remodel or design-build project. The Selections Area of ConstructionOnline was designed as a space for you to make clear, informed choices and for the team to keep track and implement them. Architect Danielle Grenier or Designer Nicole Brown uploads every set of client selections for you to approve or reject online, in real time. Here’s an example of what you may see:


Talmadge Construction’s legendary customer service just got better with our industry-leading Customer Cloud Portal!

High-tech efficiency and communications meet old-fashioned quality and service at Talmadge Construction. Contact us at 831-689-9133 to find how we can help you with your next project, big or small.

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