cropsinkElegant, warm and contemporary – that’s your first impression of this client’s new bathroom. A blond wood vanity cabinet is topped with a seafoam-shaded cabinet with a ribbon of quartz dancing across its surface. The shower is all but invisible behind clear glass. Gleaming, squared-off chrome fixtures add interest with a modern touch. Looking around, you would never guess this bathroom has many ADA-compliant features.

Changing Mobility Needs
The home’s original bathroom didn’t lend itself to the changing mobility needs of our eighty-two year old client. “It was getting dangerous to climb into the shower,” he recalls. “I was having to hang on the shower bar to pull myself in.” Over the years, he and his wife had worked with Talmadge Construction on entry and kitchen remodels, so when they decided it was time to create an accessible bathroom, they called Team Talmadge to help out once again. “We were thinking about a new bathroom for about ten years, so it was great that when we called Jeff, he got on it right away,” he explains.

The bathroom remodel was extensive. The Talmadge crew stripped the room down to studs and fashioned a slightly larger space by removing a built-in hallway desk, and also expanded a small window opening to take advantage of the room’s southern exposure. “The new window lets in lots of light,” he observes.

roll-in-shower-bathroom-remodel-541-3ADA-Compliance can be Beautiful
The bathtub was replaced with a level-entry shower, complete with hand held shower wand and lever-style faucets. “I really like the shower and grab bars all around,” he points out, “and I like the chair in there. It’s much more functional than a bench; you can move it where you want it.” To prevent water from sneaking out of the bathroom onto the hardwood floor of the hall beyond, Team Talmadge subtly sloped the floor in two directions and designed a slot drain for water flow. This linear-style drain gives the shower a sleek look and helps create the illusion of bigger space. “It’s a very aesthetic drain,” the client observes..

Other ADA-compliant touches include spring-loaded touch latches on the cabinets that make them simple to open with gentle pressure and pullout sliding shelves to keep extra towels and sundries accessible.  Grab bars masquerading as lovely oversized towel bars line the walls. “I didn’t want those commercial-type grab bars, explains the owner. “We did our research to find these. It looks like a towel bar, but I do use them a lot as a grab bar.”  He also points to the vanity top, “I like that the sink is sunken, so any water on the counter goes directly in the sink.” Underfloor heat, plenty of adjustable light in the ceiling and sconces, and a powerful but super-quiet fan add the finishing touches.

Quality Crew
These clients appreciate the consistent attention their on-site project manager gave to the job. “It was nice to have him here every day to oversee the work. I thought that was really important,” he points out. And the quality work of the subcontractors stood out. “I really thought the plaster guy was very talented. Also the tile and cabinet guys – but every workman was so good.”

These clients love their new bathroom, and they appreciate working with Talmadge Construction. “It was all very scheduled out,” he says. “The put down protective particle board for the duration of the remodel, and they were meticulous about cleaning up, during the day and at the end of the day. They kept it quiet, too – even when taking out the bathtub.”

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