3D Technology: Taking the Guesswork Out of Remodeling

These images are 3D renderings and offer a sneak peek into a project we are currently working on with clients. This project will be a major makeover, encompassing the interior as well as the exterior of the home. One of the ways we are helping our clients to visualize their options during the design phase for this renovation is through 3D (three dimensional) modeling.

Using a program called ArchiCAD, our designers work with our clients to illustrate how various layouts, materials, and finishes will look in a given space. For instance, this kitchen rendering effectively depicts how two-tone cabinetry can be strategically incorporated to ground a space, while still making it feel expansive. It also demonstrates how the wood tones of the flooring and cabinetry will work with the countertops and backsplash and lend a feeling of warmth to the kitchen. From a layout perspective, you can also see how we have designed the space to be entertaining-friendly. Note how the seating at the large island was placed opposite the meal prep area. We also designed a wet bar with under counter beverage refrigerators and placed it strategically along the wall. Both the island seating and the beverage station are elements which keep family and friends from traversing through the culinary creation triangle during critical meal prep times.

With the access to 3D renderings like these, we have found that homeowners gain greater confidence in their decision-making. Before a single hammer has been lifted, they feel assured that the finished space is going to function and feel the way they desire. This technology has not only been helpful in improving client satisfaction, it’s also decreased the incidence of costly change orders. In short, by using 3D technology to give life to our designs, Talmadge Construction is able to deliver a superior design-build remodeling experience for our clients.

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3D rendering

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