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Our Promise is to create a remarkable home remodeling experience.

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Who We Are

Creating a legacy of integrity & trust in home remodeling since 1984

Talmadge Construction is a family-owned design-build firm committed to quality construction, innovative design, and long-lasting relationships.

Our values are built on personal integrity and straightforward communication. We are driven by a strong sense of community, exemplified by our dedication to building a strong foundation for children’s futures. We are also laser-focused on making homeowners’ lives easier, enabled through our embracement of technology to continuously enhance communication and streamline process efficiency.

Our employees are empowered to problem solve, take creative risks, and demand excellence from themselves and each other. The result is remarkable home remodeling experiences for loyal customers and new ones alike.

Our dedication has earned a reputation that shapes our legacy as a trusted design and construction expert with impeccable remodeling practices and a vast portfolio of successful remodels and loyal customers.

school age children


What we do

Through our commitment to integrity, clear communication, and process efficiency, Talmadge Construction provides our Santa Cruz County neighbors with an exceptional residential remodeling experience that enhances the beauty and value of their homes while also improving their lives. Underlying everything we do is our commitment to community, of which our heartfelt focus is on building bright futures for K-12 children.


What we strive for

We are a community of leaders who provide extraordinary employee and client experiences through our positive culture, commitment to integrity, customer service, ingenuity, and exceptional quality construction products and services.

Jeff & Andrew Talmadge - Vision
Talmadge Team


What we stand for


We care…
About each other
For our clients
About our community

We listen…
And guide
And advocate

We deliver…
Creative design solutions
Quality outcomes
And happy clients

Let’s create your next BIG home idea TOGETHER

Have a question or want to discuss ideas for your home?
Call (831) 689-9133 to request an initial design consultation.

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